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Hi, my name is Christopher Bingham! I’m a filmmaker and creative producer from London, UK. You might have seen me before on projects like Eddsworld, asdfmovie, Hi, I’ma Draw Ya! and Past Bing Future Bing

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Christopher Bingham biography

Christopher Bingham is a filmmaker and content creator from Walthamstow, London, UK. While studying filmmaking at university he developed a love of short form and sketch comedy and started publishing his own work on YouTube. His early projects include sketch comedy like Trouble In Space, The Perfect Date, and The Bothering featuring his sister Jenny Bingham. He also voiced several characters in classic Eddsworld episodes. Christopher later became Head of Production for Eddsworld, overseeing the production of 10 videos including the Beaster Bunny, Casting Call, and Surf & Turf Wars. He produced and directed the Eddsworld short Zombeh Picnic.

What is Christopher Bingham working on right now?

He is currently in pre-production on his own animated short film, working title Thank You, set to be completed late 2024. He launched a new video podcast, Am I Bothering You?, in collaboration with his sister Jenny Bingham in January. In his spare time, he is developing a card game called Skate or Dice.

Thanks for being here, coolbloggers! – C x