Eddsworld ‘Surf & Turf Wars pt. 1’ Hits 2 Million Views

Video credits

Last month the long-awaited new Eddisode, Surf & Turf Wars pt. 1, was released to really positive feedback from the community. I produced the short, working with writing/directing team Andy Clift and Matt Hargreaves. It’s already the fastest-growing video in the history of the Eddsworld channel, surpassing last year’s Beaster Bunny and reaching 2M views in just two weeks. It’s also the very first Eddsworld video uploaded in 4K, and it marks my 7th producing credit on the series.

We introduced a lot of new personnel and processes on this video, with an extensive pre-production phase that involved two dedicated storyboard artists. Being the first of a two-part special, we approached Surf & Turf Wars as a whole in terms of development. Production started in January this year with the onboarding of two new background artists. At some point, basically everybody on the Eddsworld team was involved in bringing this video to life. Ana and Millie collaborating on backgrounds; Sydney adding little details and extras; co-director Andy helping on boards; Collin and the other animators becoming part-time sailors; and Billy keeping track of it all in his role as animation co-ordinator… It was sometimes chaotic, but the results are undeniable.

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Look out for our next project, which I am both producing and directing (first time!) for Halloween 2022. – C x