Music Recommendations! New Podcast ‘Chris In The Morning’ Full Episodes 1-5

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My love affair with music starts with my parents, both classical string musicians, who raised me on a diet of Brit/US prog rock, Dire Straits, and Kate Bush. I grew up around CDs, in the golden age of Woolworths—Europop, The Thong Song*, Now That’s What I Call Music, Hybrid Theory, and Kerrang! magazine. I stole mislabelled songs on Limewire that stayed in my library for years, I used Winamp, I bought an original iPod, and somewhere in the middle I used a Sony minidisc player… My love affair with recorded music goes back as far as I can remember.

For a long time I’ve wanted to start a project that expressed my passion for discovering and sharing new music, and now felt like the perfect time. Welcome to Chris In The Morning, an eclectic, energetic music recommendation show where I introduce you to some of the best music in the world (in my opinion). Perfect for a commute, drive time, or just out and about, I want to deliver a curated playlist of tracks that take you on a journey. I’ve chosen Mixcloud to host this first season, where Mixcloud users can follow the show. It also has an official website where I’ll be sharing show notes and extras for each episode.

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So far there are five episodes, about 250 minutes of content, so it’s a great time to get on board. You can also support the show and get involved over on my newly remodelled Patreon page.

So far I’ve shared tracks, new and old, from Kishi Bashi, Goat, Stevie Wonder, Attacca Quartet, Apocalypse Orchestra, Tame Impala, Death Grips, Verdena, Late of the Pier, Leadley, and more… With me basically screaming about how great they are in between. If you’re like me and you love discovering new music, you need to listen to this show. You also need to hit me up on Twitter and recommend ME some good tunes.

Wherever you are, and whatever time it is, welcome to Chris In The Morning. I hope you enjoy it. – C x

* a perfect pop song