Signed GIVEAWAY! Win Copies of Captain Baculum Remastered

Update: This giveaway is now closed!

Last year, during some much needed down time, I finally finished a promise to my younger self. I completed the third and final instalment of Captain Baculum, a comic book I started when I was a teenager. Not only that, but I went through both previous issues and remastered every single page. The new editions, available on Lulu worldwide, have improved layouts, clearer lines, and improved speech bubbles throughout.

Captain Baculum definitive physical editions books 1-3
Captain Baculum Episodes 1 2 3

This week I’m hosting a giveaway for a complete signed set! Head over to my Twitter for your chance to win. All you have to do is Quote Tweet my post and say which of your mutuals you would want crewing your pirate ship.

For the Captain that’s easy, he chooses his closest friends: the timid and patient Alex, and gentle giant Fouchy. Along the way he encounters more allies including Fenton, a stoic, jack-of-all-trades criminal with a medical degree, and Klaus, a dimwitted engineer who fixes things by hitting them. These people make up the crew of his stolen ship, but they become far more important to Captain Baculum than he could have realised.

If I were launching a pirate ship there are a couple of friends I would want on board. First I would pick Darcy, who I have the pleasure of working alongside on Eddsworld every day. She’s a people person, very organised, she gets things done. If we needed to barter for supplies or negotiate our way out of dangerous waters, Darcy would sort it. I’d also recruit Gio, a skilled producer and all-round fixer. He does sports AND he does roleplaying games, so I think he’d make a good pirate…

Click here for your chance to win! – C x