B.R.O.X, The Original YouTube Game

Video credits

Remember annotations? Back in 2012 I became obsessed with using them to create a point-and-click adventure game on YouTube. This obsession transformed into a pilot project called B.R.O.X, which today is playable again for the first time in 5 years!

Click through to the video page and expand the description to play!

Re-shared in HD with all-new title cards and thumbnail, BROX has been re-instated as much as possible to its former glory. Sadly annotations are no longer supported (although if you have a plugin for it some of them might still work). This video, Hubworld, and Desk, have been freshly uploaded in 16:9 to support ‘cards’ and ‘endcards’, aka the coward’s annotations. The rest of the branching videos have been left in place, the same files with all the same comments.

In total BROX is made up for 39 individual videos.

Playing this again has definitely sparked a lot of ideas for me. It’s rough for sure, just barely a proof of concept, but in the future I would love to make something interactive again.

In 2019 I briefly revisited the idea of branching choices with this special episode of PBFB:

I think this kind of concept lends itself both to comedy and more serious storytelling. Who knows, maybe the next BROX will be serious?