Dog Interrogation

Video credits

Written by Christopher Bingham & Jamie Spicer-Lewis
Featuring CoCo the Dog
Oli White, Tim Hautekiet, Jack Burke
Camera & Assistant Dog Wrangler: Mandy Celine

I really ruffed him up…

The production on this one was really fun and chaotic. We had the chance to shoot with CoCo (the dog) at the YouTube Space in London for about an hour, so we grabbed all her (she’s a girl dog actually) reaction shots first thing. Once the dog had left I shouted all my lines and improvised a bunch more, then we went outside for the last couple of shots. Oli and Tim were in the building working on other things and agreed to come and make tiny cameos.

Originally uploaded in 2012. This version has some extra outtakes at the end and an improved colour grade.