HIDY 7: Colours

This video belongs to Daniel, a true appreciator of the visual arts.
Video credits

Director: Christopher Bingham
Director of Photography: Alex Brinnand
Editor: Christopher Bingham
Make-up: Emma Pickles
Production Assistants: Mandy Celine
Matt Hargreaves
Cherry Wallis
Cast: Chris Kendall
Michael Stevens
Daniel J Layton
Damien Slash (Narrator)
Special thanks: Ciaran O’Brien, Jack Burke,
& everyone at the YouTube Space London

Harry starts his scary new job. Mike learns a little more about his scary new presenter. A rivalry is born. WARNING: THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SOME FLASHING COLOURS.

This is the first episode of ‘season 2’ of Hi, I’ma Draw Ya! which we shot over several days at the YouTube Space London in 2013. Going from the simple, improvised old format to this full-on sitcom style was really fun. The drawing segments were still mostly improvised.