RE-MENT Kitchen Cooking Pan Cooker Pose Skeleton リーメント ポーズスケルトン

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リーメント ポーズスケルトン キッチン/炒飯セット: コンロ台, 包丁, まな板, 焼き網, 焼き魚, おたま, 炒飯, 中華鍋, 油, オイスターソース

good morning this is all i want to do on youtube from now on thank you x

Unboxing RE-MENT Pose Skeleton cooking set
Kitchen / fried rice set キッチン/炒飯セット

I’d love to say this was originally an April Fools upload, or that I just had a breakdown. The truth is I was frustrated with the way things like this—low effort unboxing content—get thousands more views than anything I’ve ever made. I decided to run an experiment where I uploaded this and a comedy video at the same time and raced them. Guess which won.