The Bothering 2

Video credits

Written & Directed by: Christopher Bingham
Starring: Christopher & Jennifer Bingham
with Brian Firenzi as Police Officer
Shot by: Mandy Celine
Special thanks: Gio Forino
Bingham Family
Pinewoods, Wells Next-the-Sea

The sketch six years in the making, I just re-shared The Bothering 2 over on my YouTube channel! It was shot in November/December 2017 and released in 2018.

The complete opposite of the original, the making of The Bothering 2 was completely cursed. The whole thing was filmed in Wells Next-the-Sea on the North Norfolk coast, which is beautiful but unforgiving especially in Winter. Jenny injured her neck on set, aggrivated from sleeping on the floor in an unfurnished home. Everyone on the crew got food poisoning from a local take away restaurant. The drone footage from the initial shoot was unusable and we couldn’t get anymore because the battery died, so I returned for a pickup shoot myself where I promptly crashed and lost the drone.

I talked about the whole thing in PBFB:

Still, the end result is worth it. Five years later of course there are things I would do differently, but all things considered we were lucky to get out alive…

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