What Eddsworld Means to Me

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January 2022 marked 3 years since I officially joined Eddsworld and started building the Eddsworld Beyond team with showrunner and managing director Matt Hargreaves (aka. MattLobster, the voice of Matt and Edd’s best friend). After 3 years we’re thriving, but we still have a long way to go. Watch this short video about it all I recorded in 2020:

This video was recorded in July 2020, two weeks before the release of Fan Service 2
My Journey with Eddsworld

At the start it was a humble, kind of boring, job. We had to get the social media going again, and we relaunched the online store. For the first few months we were shipping merch straight out of Matt’s attic, enlisting his wife to help sometimes. A friend of mine, Gio, was enlisted for a while to create and repurpose content for Facebook and Instagram so we had things to post. This was all before a permanent creative team started to take shape…

Now, 3 years in, I manage a team of 20 people alongside Matt and our new head of partnerships, Darcy Wilde. Our lead animator, Jon Lopez, is the artist that has been with us the longest. We’ve also been lucky enough to recruit the super-talented Dee Parson, an award-winning cartoonist based in Indiana. Our current production is our biggest yet and for it we enlisted the help of Billy Crinion as animation coordinator, as well as dedicated background artists Ana Palomino and Millie ‘Mill’ Hughes. It’s going to be amazing.

Since restarted we’ve released 6 new videos, 69 (nice) comic strips, and countless illustrations and short animations for social media!

As part of the now-cancelled series PBFB I recorded this video in 2021. At the time I had recently quit my teaching job to work full time on Eddsworld, and I wanted to share some thoughts about Edd, his work, and what makes the job so special. Although the project is over I still wanted to share this video.

Two years later I still agree with everything I said. Working on Eddsworld is a privilege, and also comes with a lot of responsibility. We are creating jobs for young, talented people around the world, and we’re fostering an amazing amount of creativity in our extended community. You just have to look at some of the fanart we share on a regular basis!

As for the video release—it went really well! So well that it kickstarted a whole new generation of Eddsworld fans. So well that we managed to make five more, and are currently working on our most ambitious instalment yet. So well that I’m still working on it, full time, and the team has more than tripled in size…

EW means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For me, it’s the most rewarding job I’ve had. – C x